Thursday, March 09, 2006

a week more and a kg less

one more week has gone past..or u can say 10 days of march are over, am i reaching near my goal? i hope so, the scale is showing 69 since yesterday, have i spoken so soon??

my son was sick last week with cold and fever and all so, had to go very early again 6.30 am.

they say u don't weight urself 50 times a day, but what to do if u have a scale at home, staring in front of u.

have again restarted eating fruits, and drinking water again, though haven't reached to 4.5 litres a day, close to 3.5 litres.

Try to keep this weekly schedule,

3 bodypump classes tues ,friday , and sat/sund
2 cycling classes mon, thurs(thursday never miss becos of the charming instructor:))
4 times a week stairclimbing m/c atleast for 30 mins
2 bodystep classes, mon,saturday
1/2/3 times a week ,combination of yoga, or body balance or pilates

hmmm, do i need to go with even more intense workout or keep it at this pace. will try this for 2 more weeks. i feel my time is running short, "MAY 31" seems around the corner.

a very interesting website i found for information on strength training,

Thursday, March 02, 2006

unexpected break

din't post anything for 2 and half weeks.
Had relatives over from india, so turned to Kl tour guide.
Visited places in and around Kl.
So went to gym very early in the morning and missed on Saturdays and sundays. Did walking at a incline on treadmill and tried out a new equiment the stair climber. It's very good u get to workout more in half the time of the treadmill.
Ate out many times, though tried to keep on track by eating fruits, or ordering my burgers and wraps without the mayo and cheese.

But though i din't gain any weight, i din't loose any either:(.
have to restart intensively from tommorrow.

Still at 70 kgs. :(

other blogs

I m trying to eat healthy food. Food without or less sugar and oil. That doesn't stop me from reading about delicious food :)
some of my favourite blogs. they are just very well written about tasty indian food and makes mouth water.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

thursday a good day for exercise

because it has my favourite classes. rpm, pilates and body balance

rpm is very early, have to prepare my son for school and rush to the class (the key is not to fall for the temptation of taking 5 mins nap). well i did that today(i guess yesterday afternoon;s nap helped a little)

went by taxi so was full 15 mins early. So the instructor had time to teach me how to adjust my bike, so that i was comfortable. this instructor is very helpful and cute also:). he runs the class for 1 hour in most gruelling way but he is very motivating. i guess if u have good instructor u can easily do a difficult class too.

after that was an hour of pilates, i feel like i have increased my arms and abdominal strength(can do much better than i did in first class but still a long way to go compared to other girls)

then body balance, it's also my favourite class, mix of yoga, pilates and tai chi.
same instructor as the rpm( it's not my favourite becos of the instructor , really). this class really relaxes the mind.
i remember when i attended this class first time on a saturday morning a month and half before. the night before my son was naughty and i was angry with him. i had shouted at him and then we both cried to sleep. the next morning i rushed to gym while he and his dad were sleeping(on saturdays they both usually sleep till late), i was still upset for shouting at my son.But after doing the body balance class i felt very calm and relaxed.

now whenever i attend body balance, at the end there is meditation and silence, i think of my son and feel intense love towards him. his smiling face comes across my mind when i close my eyes and i feel very happy.

after that a relaxing steam bath and shower and back home fresh and happy and HUNGRY...:) . it takes a lot of will power not to eat anything in sight after coming back.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

cash or credit

I have been paying my gym fees in cash.
they insisted that i give them my bank account details, oh. they troubled me so many times; saying its their rule(still they have a option of cash payment on their receipts)

they want me to give them my billing details so that they can debit directly every month, i had a very bad experience in USA, similar kind.

we subscribed to internet access from AOL(america online) , and about $25 used to be debitted from our account every month.
then when we were coming back to india we tried to cancell the subscribtion, oh the trouble they gave us. that lady said we will provide u aol internet service in india:) . aol doesnt provide in india(so they resort to plain lies to keep customers)
all this and finally we cancelled , but after 7/8 months of coming back to india we suddenly find that about $25 have started debitting from our account . we made 2/3 international calls and then came to know that somebody has restarted the account with the same login id and password, so it will keep charging. in the end we closed that american bank account.

well, this bad experience taught me never to give any billing details where they can charge u like this.
now at fitness first, they want that only. when i offered them to pay 3 months in advance they agreed, but every 10 days they ask me for billing details, is that girl stupid? i told them that i have already paid up in advance now for 6 months and still they are asking for billing details.

some time in january they deactivated my entry card(the card that i have to swipe to get inside the gym) saying they needed billing details, hmm thats harrasment i think. u go thinking u will achieve some fitness goals and u are fighting on money matters with the receptionist.

anyways, they should be happy now, they have my money till may and i m happy becos i wont be troubled till month of april atleast(they will start their promoting in april)

i hope to reduce atleast 8 kgs till the end of may, if i can , then no complaints towards fitness first. becos whatever, somehow they are helping me to reach the goal.

technogym equipment

today, went back to sleep after dropping my son to his school car pickup. No classes today. That is no classes that i m interested in. So went with hubby to pay his school fees, so reached gym(fitness first ) by 10.15.

Paid them money next 3 months money by cash, march april may 2006 fees.(more about why i paid so much money in advance later)

i did 1 hour walking on treadmill today.
speed 5 km/hr
gradient 15% incline
total distance covered was about 5 km
P.I was 37 (don't know what is that, have to find out. it comes on display after workout is finished)
calories burnt 650+
Avg heart rate 154

i have a question in my mind., how do these machines calculate the number of calories burnt? and other things like heart rate and distance covered?
in fitness first they have equipment by the company technogym(

also did some weight training on the machines and squats and crunches for 1/2 hour.

again checked my weight in the locker room, and it shows much higher than my machine at home. one woman asked me whether the machine at the gym is accurate bcos she also feels like it is more.

later was sweating a lot, hadnt got anything to change so went home just like that.

had 1 bowl of sambar and 1 bowl vege noodles(what a combination., but just had leftvovers dint feel like cooking )

and still rest of the day to go...tomorrow cycling class (does spinning and cycling mean the same?)at 8.30 in the morning. It's very high calorie burning class, have to be there on time tomorrow

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

my weight tracker;6;80;1;0/c/-7/t/-17.5/k/96c4/weight.png

why? and difference in weighing scales everywhere

well, i got married, lived in USA for 2 years, had a lot of fun enjoying american life, got pregnant, had a lovely baby, ate lots of chicago deep dish pizzas.

My excuse of my weight was i had a baby. But it will be four years now.
how long will that excuse go on?

now in malaysia for past 1 and half years.
joined Fitness First ..malaysia's (located everywhere) gym.
it has been exactly 2 months and 17 days today.
i started on nov 21 2005 monday. oh my will be 3 months on 21st feb.
i lost only about 6 and half kgs, and my target was about 3 kgs per month , so it should be 9 kgs reduced by 21st feb.

i started with 76 and half kgs.
today i m 70.5 kgs.

btw., this is according to my weighing machine at home. it's that 20 RM Ikea machine. My weight is different in different weighing scales. like in fitness first ladies locker room there is a manual machine which shows different weight, also the one they use when they give those free power pack sessions which has body fat indicator shows different weight, also my weight at my sons pediatrician is different than the one at my friend's home weighing scale.

so what to do.? i consider my weight to be one on my scales. anyway all the scales show that i have reduced about 5 /6 kgs.

at the power pack session, my trainer for 2 days told me i have 40.5 percent body fat. hmm, have to find out more about that, whether it has reduced a little or not.

daily schedule

today did body pump class.....was late by 10 mins so missed warmup and squats.
late becos traffic started as usual in the morning, offices/schools reopened after the chinese new year long weekend. went by taxi, still was late by 10 min.

then next did yoga. yoga here is not what i learnt back in india.
anyway cant do the simple poses that i could do easily 5 years back.
my back shoulder muscles aching a lot.

water about 3 litres (two 1.5 litre bottleS)
at 11.30 had 1 bowl oatmeal + 1 cup tea +2 wheat crackers
at 2.00 had 2 dosas + 1 bowl sambar
at 5.00 had 1 cup tea + 2 handfuls of roasted salted peanuts
at 9.45 had 2 bowls of vegetable noodles.


so i too,finally joined the world of blogging? why? maybe i have too much just sit at the internet....

no no..but as the title of my blog journey towards its just that.

i know now, that the life i had....full of junkfood, travelling and trying out different foods, cooking for my husband and son..and eating most of the portions....made me look quite different than what i looked 5 years earlier....

i want to write weightloss routine..maybe if ppl reply i will know what am i doing wrong..and will be like...commitment to can see my writings......

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